About Achalavira

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I have been a psychotherapist in clinical practice since 2008. I have (for much longer) been interested in the fundamental question – What is possible in this human life ? And what limits us.  This theme has informed my approach to working with clients with an emphasis on creative development  as well as attending to the deepest wounds to our being. We do this using awareness as the catalyst for change and by reconnecting with the broadest and deepest aspects of being, learning to transit more evenly from our resourced places and those painful aspects which have become frozen and disowned .These capacities are developed within the context of therapeutic relationship and authentic meeting.

I have been an active member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 1995 and I have been involved in spiritual care, including teaching meditation and leading retreats since this time.

I am always interested in what creates the most leverage for positive change in our lives moving towards deeper health,meaning and well-being.

I am registered and fully accredited with the UKCP

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